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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Story on a Token that pays 158000+% APY + 225% BUSD APR - Welcome to Financial Freedom Libero Token ( Complete Review with Real Results )

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Token that pays 158000+% APY by just holding on your wallet

How are you Friends …
We are back with  a story about Highest Paying stable APY (158000%) token named LIBERO. 

Before getting into the topic , I should remind you that this is not a financial advice , I just provide best information available and its all your decision in buying it or not.

Don't Miss to see the Best strategy at bottom of Page , which can helps you earn most out of this Token reward system. 

What is Libero Token :

Is a revolution in DeFi with the Libero Auto-staking Protocol or LAP, a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, and gives $LIBERO token holders the highest stable returns in crypto (using automatic buyback & burn to support the price.)

what does it mean ? Libero is a token which promised to give 2.02% APY on each day which in term auto compound every 30 mins / 48 Times Daily! 
So for every 30 mins , you get (2.02 / 48) %  of tokens added to your total Libero tokens and earn interest in next 30 mins. 
Each compounded token will generate compound again and all together calculated to be as 158,893.59% per year. 

  •     World's Highest Fixed APY - 158,893.59%
  •     Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet!
  •     Get Rewards Every 30 Minutes / 48 Times Daily!

Further more details you can find at the website landing page and or on the documents section.  Click on the Link shared at bottom of this page. 

You may ask why is this different from other auto compounding programs with high APY !!!

Well that's a good question, 
all these high APY tokens will have same concept of elastic supply which keep increasing to reward holders but at some point they will end up in token price fall day by day. 

Such things can be avoided by maintaining sustainable price value. Then how to achieve that ??

I see only LIBERO stood No.1 at this point with many innovations to maintain Libero Value sustainable.
Backed by our innovative Treasury algorithm using automatic buyback & burn to support the price.
The protocol will use Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to increase the Treasury exponentially at a rate of ~50% a year or more to better support LIBERO price floor.

Some of their key points listed below 
  •     Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to support high reward
  •     Burning 2 - 4% supply every week.
  •     Libero Smart Bond: World’s first Defi 3.0 bonding mechanism that grow treasury &      marketcap together 
  •     LIBERO BANK: Earn 225% BUSD APR - highest on all markets & participate in LIBERO governance.  ( will be explained below ) 

Additionally :
  •     Rug-Proof: No minting to wallet
  •     Audited by THOREUM & RugFreeCoins, audited by Certik 
Make a Note , this is first token of this kind audited by Certik and is trending on TOP 5 Tokens.

Token that pays 4000+% APY and 225% BUSD  by Locking your tokens

What is Libero Bank:  

  • You lock LIBERO (any period from 1 day to 4 years 4 years) in the LIBERO Bank to receive xLIBERO token as a receipt.
  • Proportionally, the longer you lock, the more xLIBERO you will receive. A 4 year lock will give a 1:1 ratio of Libero to xLIBERO conversion.
  • By just holding xLIBERO, you receive BUSD rewards, every day, these amounts are calculated based on your proportion percentage of the overall xLIBERO in circulation, this percentage gives you a proportional access to the funds accumulated from the pool collected from the 7% LIBERO trading volume, accumulated from the buy&sell tax.
  • You will still also continue to receive the daily 1.02% LIBERO interest (auto-compound to 4,037.2% APY) in addition. This means, if you lock your Libero for 4 years, you will get back your locked amount back after just 69 days.
  • XLIBERO Holders also receive extra BUSD Airdrops that frequently Dev will auto send to all wallets. 
  • xLIBERO holders will receive other benefit such as multichain-farming profits in the future

Note : Libero Rewards from libero bank once claimed will be moved to your wallet and those tokens on your wallet start compounding to 158K APY 

So now what ?? which way is better to hold on wallet for 158K % or  Lock on Libero Bank for 4000% APY which claimed for 158K% APY  and 225% BUSD rewards ??? 

Best Strategy : 

2 steps to financial freedomor the 50/50 strategy

Step 1. Buy Libero
Check Libero’s website, Buy directly from exchanges or  if there is a bond available, usually with a discount, users can buy Libero with a discounted price, for example 10%. So you pay 10% less BNB ( or BUSD, or LIBERO-BNB LP or whatever the protocol chooses) compared to what you have to pay on normal exchanges.

Step 2. Stake 50% of your $LIBERO in Libero Bank for 4 years & keep 50% in your wallet. Relax & enjoy financial freedom with multiple immediate and long-term benefits

Immediate benefit

From 50% in Libero Bank

-Earn the Highest Stable coin passive income: 226% BUSD APR
-You earn 7% in BUSD from every buy & sell, so you directly make profit even when whales sell!
-Your total BUSD rewards keep increasing every 30 mins with trading volume, so you keep on earning regardless of price going up or down, and market bearish or bullish
-Earn more by saving 25% sell tax every time you are rewarded in BUSD, and saving 15% buy tax everytime you compound BUSD to LIBERO. 
-Earn from hundreds of thousands USD airdrops and multichain-farming profits.
-Vote in our LIBERO DAO governance for important decisions, or profit from LIBERO Smart Bond!
-And don't forget that your staked $LIBERO will come back in full after just 66 days by the 1.05% daily interest, auto compound every 30 mins.

From 50% in your wallet

- Earn the Highest Fixed APY 158K%
- Watch your $1000 become $1,588,936 in a year Just by holding $LIBERO in your wallet
- You maximize earnings by the power of compound interest, the 8th wonder of the world, as called by Albert Einstein.
- You make money while you sleep as advised by Warren Buffet, since $LIBERO is auto-staking and auto-compounding.

Long-term benefit
- Your locked 50% helps to increase the price of your other unlocked 50%!
- Since by staking 50%, you reduce 50% supply and remove 50% sell pressure, the whole ecosystem will grow much more robustly and healthier! You are strengthening THE PATH TO YOUR MILLIONS by the end of year!



I Invested 3000$ worth of tokens added Libero Bank. So far I claimed 1000$ worth of tokens to my wallet and 406$ worth of BUSD too. 

Its been 20 days around and i got 50% of my total money Invested

Also here is my balance on my wallet , where I withdrawn around 1200$  worth of tokens from my wallet (which is compounded value of my xlibero rewards )  for playing slots at Casino :p last week and readded 1000$ back to wallet once after gaining some money.  

Anyways , current account holding as below.  Where I am earning 21.72$ worth of tokens per day as per todays price and compounded token value. 

That's not the end , I am also getting airdrops from Libero Team , here is next airdrop details and my share on it ( 21.47$ ) , last time when they airdropped I got around 27$ extra BUSD doing nothing :)

Recently Libero team expanded ecosystem to other Chain - that's Fantom 

As the reward rate is too high at Fantom , added 700$ around worth of Tokens to Fantom network Libero which named as FLibero 

Here is the account stats , I added this few hours back today 

FLIBERO Bank locked for 4 year term today few hours back with a value of 700$ 
As you can see , just in couple of hours the rewards I got is 3$ worth of FLIBERO Tokens and 20$ worth of WFTM ( FTM is native coin of Fantom Chain and wftm is wrapped token of it) 

23$ in total in few hours for 700$ ...  Highest paid rewards in the market I would say. 


Also check out this ... Next AirDrop of WFTM is huge , I am expected to receive 106 WFTM tokens which will be around 150$ worth ... Cant believe this :) I can get my investment double in no time as rewards.  

I will keep updating the rewards and stats month on month Here as updates ... what are you guys waiting on Grab your tokens and add 50% to Libero Bank 

Hold and enjoy the rewards 

See you again with one other Story .... 
Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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