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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

True review on WeBull Trading account - By Sunny

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True review on WeBull 

True review on WeBull

If you guys don’t have Webull account .. give it a try ..  this is best mobile app so far compared to many mobile apps , very good charting options , more company specific information , news and lot more .. this is also free like Robinhood with more n more features to analyze stocks ..  best points with this app are
  • They give complete pre and after hours for trading 
  • They give extraordinarily best chart view features 
  • Free L1 trade data ( buyings and selling volume on live ) 
  • You can trade global markets too 
  • News updates 
  • Stock scanners 
  • Ability to short stocks ( must have margin account  ) 
  • One more Important thing is you get 4 times leverage for day trades and 2 times leverage for other trades
    that means if you have 2000$  cash on webull account , you get 8000$ for day trade and 4000$ for over night or hold for longterm as far as u r above margin call.  ( google to know about margin calls) 

Finally u would get a free stock after signup ( value is up to 1000$ worth)  ( I got a free stock of 7$ anyways )

Give a try and register using below link ( only if interested in trading or to have better featured charting app )

Click here to register and Download this App 

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Most successful and simple way to Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed

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Wanna JailBreak IOS ?? and Play with it 

Been a while posting on here. Anyways , I am back with a hot and trending post.
How to Jailbreak IOS 11.2.x - 11.3.1

Okay, lets get into the Story ..... MyBlogStory on iPhone Jailbreaking.

Most successful and simple way to Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed

Jailbreak your iPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 from your mobile 

Do I need to write it in professional way as every one do ?? Lol ...  I write articles / blog posts same way as if I chat / talk to a friend. So bare with me

Okay , here is the link ( Click Here to Download ) where you can download the Electra application to jailbreak your iDevice.  As shown below

Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed

Click on the Get button for Electra followed by version number ( pick one with version that matches your iDevice )

You would be prompted with a "Install" button ( as shown in the image below ) , click on it too

Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed

Now once it gets installed. Go to Settings ---> General ---> Profiles & Device Management ---> and select the App name as shown  below and   finally click on very button there
Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed

once you are done with all the above steps and verify the application. Then click on home button of your mobile and look for application Electra  ( magnified in the below image  )  Open it and click on Button Jailbreak  , your device will reboot during the process. Once done look for Cydia application ( magnified in the below image at the bottom at the Dock.

Jailbreak your IPhone 11.2.x to 11.3.1 - No computer Needed

Then you are done , your iDevice got jaibroken ... Enjoy and Have fun :)

If you didnt find the Cydia app, it mean you are not yet done. Don't worry , its common. Open electra app again and keep trying.  If you have any other issue (just comment below , I will try to help you out)

Note :   Jailbreaking you device using Electra is safe , still there would be chances that you can brick your IOS. So I or MyBlogStory there by not responsible for any kind of damage caused by this process.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Want to hack your Girl Friend Or Boy Friends whatsapp messages ???

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Want to hack your Girl Friend Or Boy Friends whatsapp messages ???

Wanna Spy your Girl / Boy Friends Whatsapp messages , Call Logs , Location being at other place?

You are not alone though. There were thousands or may be millions of people who always look or search for topic " how to hack girl/boy friends mobile "

Well, we got a solution for this.
  • No Technical knowledge needed 
  • No coding or programming required to hack and Browse his / her mobile content from web  
  • And yes, this is not for Free. 
  • Monthly or Annual subscription may be needed as per application terms 

General Features you get from these applications :

  • WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other messaging apps 
  • Calls, SMS, GPS tracking and 25 more features 
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac OS 
  • Quick installation, user-friendly interface 
Some of Applications picked & listed below :

MSpy :  
 Click Here to Buy  

Want to hack your Girl Friend Or Boy Friends whatsapp messages ???

spymaster Pro :  Click Here To View / Buy

Want to hack your Girl Friend Or Boy Friends whatsapp messages ???

There are many other applications available for this purpose.
Will update further more best apps out in the market with reviews.
Please do comment if you have any suggestion and don't forget to rate once after using.

 Note : Spying to someone is a crime , I had written this article just for informative purpose and I'm not responsible for any kind of result there by. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Jailbreak IOS 10.3.x avaiable now - Pangu Jailbreak tool Releasing soon

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Here we goes, IOS 10.3.x Jailbreak tool is going to be out soon 

Jailbreak IOS 10.3.x avaiable now - Pangu Jailbreak tool Releasing soon

Although Apple said that the newer IOS is impossible to be passed through , Pangu Team has proved with a recent video released, showing jailbroken IOS 10.3.x

As per the information avaiable now, Pangu is going to release their jailbreak Tool soon after Apple official release of IOS 10.3.2. Currently this Pangu tool can jailbreak IOS 10.3.1 and also beta version of 10.3.2

For a better chances of getting a jailbreak , please do not update your IOS to newer version of 10.3.2 and stick with 10.3.1 as it was shown in the video as jailbroken using Pagu new tool.

We will update again once after Pangu release the Tool .... Meanwhile look over the below post on
How to install jailbreak IOS applications with No Jailbreak

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How to Hack any Facebook Accounts Using Android Phone

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Hack Facebook Accounts with in same network

Its possible Hacking any Facebook Accounts Using Android Phone

You may have several reasons for hacking someone's Facebook account and it's not so straightforward as we speak. One ought to recognize the actual fact that there aren't any direct softwares or tools that can hack Facebook account just by getting into the victim's user id.

However it's attainable with some strategies those extremely work, out of those phishing, key logging, packet sniffing are most well known and wide used procedures in hacking Facebook accounts . Today, in this tutorial you're going to find out how to perform packet sniffing attack to hack Facebook account using your android mobile.

Before , just learn about  Packet Sniffing 

How to Hacking any Facebook Accounts Using Android Phone

Lets make this simple with an example. consider 2 persons A and B using the same public WiFi network. the data sent and received between the device and WiFi hot-spot is finished in the form of packets. These packets aren't secured and might be access by the other device connected to same network. If Person A is using Facebook, his log-in credentials are sent within the form of packets that Person B will access and browse them. In fact, Person B will modify them. Not solely log-in credentials, everything you use among your browser will be seen and changed by anyone else as long as you're connected thereto network.

What are needed for this 

one android phone , that needed to be rooted ( How to root android mobile ) and any of the below mentioned applications installed onto your smartphone.

Dsploit :

According to me, Dsploit is the best, in terms of penetration testing attacks. Dsploit has a number of pen testing attacks like Router PWN, Port Scanner, Inspector, Vulnerability Finder, MITM attacks and many more. We are going to use MITM attacks for our purpose. MITM stands for Man In The Middle attacks which include Password Sniffer, Session Hijacker, Script Injector out of which we are going to use Password Sniffer to get account passwords over WiFi. If you are curious about this app, explore it and you will find lots of tools in it.

Download this application here

( will post the complete procedure using this application in my next article , you may try and come back with your opinion and suggestions here in comment session )

There are few more application that works same way above like :  Faceniff  , DroidSheep etc
You may get them from google or any other search engines .

Disclaimer: Hacking Facebook is an illegal activity, use this tutorial for educational purpose only and we claim no responsibility.

Bottom Lines: Hacking Facebook account using Android phone is a bit easier process when compared to PC and hacking over WiFi is the only process to do it. If you know more apps of this kind, feel free to comment below. Happy Hacking!


Monday, 13 July 2015

Bahubali full length Movie Online - Save Baahubali Our Pride ( Indian Cinema )

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Bahubali full length Movie Online -  Save Baahubali Our Pride ( Indian Cinema )

All Prabhas , Rana , Raja Mouli   Fans  Lets  #SaveBahubali  --- Share with all your friends 

The Biggest hit of 2015 ,  first Indian motion picture  ,  pride of Telugu film industry with huge budget . South Indian movie made whole Indian Proud .

One movie that broken all the records of Bollywood movies .

All time successful directors Raja mouli's Big Dream and 3 years of long project for which a big hero postponed his marriage too ...

What not , I can write many like this talking about this Movie

That's Bahubali Movie  ( The beginning )  

~~~~~~~  And is Out Online Now 

Bahubali full length Movie Online - Save Baahubali Our Pride

Yes , after all Raja Mouli sir taken many actions against piracy . Still and is out online .  I was browsing internet and found this website with all the movies that got out  while running in cinemas .

Bahubali Telugu , Tamil , Malayalam , Hindi versions were available here @

Bahubali full length Movie Online -  Save Baahubali Our Pride ( Indian Cinema )

Bahubali full length Movie Online -  Save Baahubali Our Pride ( Indian Cinema )

I was wondered looking over the availability of the film online very next day to release . I being in USA can able to open these links , but as checked with my friends from India they said , they were unable to open the links . May be this is  the reason why Jakanna missed pointing to the issue .

Any how , whether link opens in India or Not , these websites can easily accessed if the Ip address of the pc changed to other country IP or by using some proxy IP addresses  with the help of  browser extensions linke    Zenmate , Hide Ip etc

I wrote an article to install Zenmate and to change Country IP address for opening blocked websites in past .

By using these browser extensions every one may can access these websites and watch all the movies Online spoiling 3 years of hard work in 3 hours .

Share it to every one till reaches Film industry people and make them take action against these hidden websites .

Who ever feeling Pride of TFI after all looking to Bahubali movie , share this on you wall and to your friends and Help Industry .

More posts at our facebook Page ... Like and Follow .....   My Blog Story


Monday, 20 April 2015

5 Amazing Home Remedies to get rid of SunTan OverNight - Skin care Tips

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Amazing Home Remedies and Anti Tan Packs - 

5 Amazing Home Remedies to get rid of SunTan OverNight - Skin care Tips

Summer started and Do you love vacations round the beach front, who doesn't ?
However an outcome of all this kinda fun and frolic out in the sun could be a  " Tan  ".

What is Tan or Suntan?

Developing a suntan is that the skin’s mechanism of protecting itself from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

When exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun for a amount of your time, the skin will increase the production of melanin to avoid additional skin harm. the rise in melanin, however, darkens the skin tone within 2 days of exposure.

In addition, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (sun-tanning) tends to cause your skin to age additional quickly. It makes the skin, dry, wrinkled, and freckled over time.

Indians are safer at this situation compared to other counterparts in North American country or alternative cold countries wherever the skin tone is white as they're additional liable to developing skin cancer due to over exposure to sun, and India being a naturally hot climate country has its residents who sport a Wheaties skin that produces ample melanin to counter the dangerous effects of exposure to sun rays.

We tend to gravitate towards having a fairer skin and have undoubtedly tried over time over the counter medication and additionally therefore known as fairness creams, however there are definite natural ways that to get rid of suntan.

How to Get rid of a Suntan skin quick and overnight:

1)  Coconut Water:

Coconut water is an abundant and low cost supply to get rid of suntan and additionally your thirst. One should apply coconut water to the affected area and leave it on for half-hour, then wash it off with clean, cold water to reveal a naturally fair looking skin.

2) Tomato Juice and Yogurt:

 Why? because, citrus fruits contain water-soluble vitamin that has high inhibitor properties that facilitate fade the tan and yogurt contains carboxylic acid that lightens the tan.

                     To use mix juice with equal parts yogurt and apply to affected skin. Leave it on for half-hour and rinse with clean, cool water.

 3) Orange juice:

I like to drink fruit juice, however once recently one among my friends told me as she uses it to get eliminate suntan, i was in shock therefore tried it by  applying to the to the affected area . This remedy is beneficial in eliminating a suntan as a result of it contains natural alphahydroxy acids.

4) Lemon and Honey:

Take honey and blend it with some juice, apply it on the affected area , it's one among the most effective anti  tan packs.

5) Allover gel: 

It's an ideal remedy; which can make your complexion fair / good in but every week if applied often. however confirm that you just need to use cream whereas skin exposed to sun

So, use these natural home tips and acquire good complexion with each passing day.



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