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Monday, 31 December 2018

Play PUBG mobile On Windows - More comfortable and High win rate

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Play PubG mobile On Windows

Play PubG mobile On Windows

Hi Readers,
We are back with new interesting stuff to all game lovers ... ( PubG Mobile Lovers )

Couple of days back, I added a story on how to download Iphone hacked app and play PubG game with more advanced features.
Many people messaged me asking for Android. I found some hacked PubG applications for android too. I will add the story once Im done with testing.

Coming to Windows game, I downloaded it and tested using all the available options. Its just same Mobile version of PubG , rather you gonna play it from PC.

You may needed to practice a while using keyboard & Mouse operations.
Once you get use to it, you can find this  to be very simple and easy way to win the game from PC than  Mobile.

How To Download PubG Mobile On Windows 

You no need to be a techi person for this, No alien stuff or rocket science. Just a click on download button , Install and you can start Playing the game. Its that simple.

Tencent gaming buddy is the one who provided platform to play Mobile games on PC. You need to download Tencent gaming buddy software first and it downloads and installs you PubG Mobile on top of it.

One good thing about them is , when ever there is any new update comes up for the mobile version of game, Tencent will ask you to upgrade and it gonna be pretty quick sync with game server.

Here is link to download PubG mobile game on PC 

Play PUBG mobile On Windows - More comfortable and High win rate

I hope you can easily download and install the game following the options you get by running the installation file.

If you still finds difficult installing it , let us know by commenting below. Always happy to help you :)

Mouse and Keyboard Controls after a fresh Installation of Pubg Mobile on PC

  • WASD/ Directionals: Move
  • Left Click: Fire, punch or melee
  • Right Click: ADS
  • Spacebar: Jump, vault, swim
  • C: Crouch
  • Z: Prone
  • Free Look: Alt (Look around without losing your aim)
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Mouse Lock: Auto Run
  • Throwables (Frags, Smokes, Molotovs, Stuns): 4, 5, 6
  • Heal Items (Medkit, First Aid, Bandage, Energy Drink, Syringe): 7.8,9,0
  • F1: Quickly displays controls
  • F: Interact

If you want to change any of these , you can do it just by pressing the small keyboard button in the top-right of the emulation screen which get you to key mapping menu. Change the keys as you want and enjoy the Game.

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Best way for Indian Citizens to Day Trade US Stocks From India

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How to Day Trade US Stocks From India Or Asia 

( This is for any Non US Citizens other than Indians too )
No PTD Rule Applied

Hello Readers..
I’m Indian Citizen too. Since I lived in USA last couple of years and started trading US stocks and I found it to be very much volatile and high risk and reward plays compared to Indian Market.

If you Day trade on Indian stock market, the highest part of profits that you can take with in a Day would be like 10% , isn’t it ?

You may come up telling me that you would use leverage given by your broker company like 16 times or 25 times on day trades. Hence you get higher percentage of gains even stock moves up 5% or so.  ( Do you truly believe playing stock using someones money is safe ? )     

Where as if you check the Day movers list from US market , you would find stocks runners like 100% 200% - —- even 1000%

Its up to you to use leverage given or not .. anyways you can gain good using your money.

I wouldn’t tell you that there would be a huge gap up runners every time and for every stock you pick, but yes there are chances that some stocks can run up more than 100% easily in most of days. 

Trading US stocks is much better than Trading Indian market.
Time and effort you add up on would be same , but output differs a lot.
Is why major part of global traders love to trade US stocks ( High volatile and High risk reward chances ) 

Remember , as far as there is High percent of rewards there will be high risk too. So , you have to study market better , Analyze charts , research company related catalysts , also do know the people reactions as per current market conditions.
Be emotionless and stick to your plan. You can earn huge from US market .

I know many people earning like millions of dollars from this market and they become so famous too. You might be aware of them. 

Any ways , let's get into topic. I was searching all around to find a best brokerage company to trade USA stocks.
I can tell you , TradeZero is the best of it. 

No brokerage company from India or any other places .. who allow US stocks to trade do have such great features , rates and discounts likes TradeZero. 
  • No PDT Rule 
  • No commissions on all Limit orders 
  • 6 times your cash balance 
  • No worry in missing out any short position ( as you can locate almost all stock tickers ) 
  • Cheap Platform charges to trade from web , mobile or by using software 
    • Else you can use Free web platform named ZeroFree

Click Here To Register TradeZero Today 

( look over my complete review on TZ before registering )

There are lot more things that can allow you to earn Huge from US stock market.
Do remember to learn first .. and then plan your trade to make entry and exit on a stock. 

If you know how to trade. Come join US Stocks and earn even more and more than what you gained in India. For this I never found a better brokerage other than TradeZero 

It’s not about promoting. It’s the fact.  ( You can research on it your way )

Our readers do have discounts too from TradeZero team only if you register through
MyBlogStory. com

I will Guide you further more by many articles on day trading Tips and with many explained strategies here in coming days. I would also add a chatroom sooner so that we all can discuss and trade US stocks in better way.

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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Win PUBG using IPhone hacked application - No Jailbreak Needed

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Download Hacked PubG I-Phone application

Download Hacked PubG I-Phone application

Hi ... No need to start with "where and how PubG came over the market" right???As far as I believe , if you are here today, it mean you know what PubG is and how famous it's getting day by day.  Ummm , so you want to download hacked PUBG app to make your win simple ?

You are not alone
There are thousands and millions of people who look all around in wining PubG more easily. 
I'm also one among and here comes a solution for you all.You are at the right place now
Android users - Please Hold on. Im on your way writing new post for you too. 

How To Download Hacked PUBG game for IOS ( No Jailbreak )

Have you ever heard the name  Tu Tu Helper ( for Iphone )Tutu App or Tutu Helper App is a third-party app store for iOS device.Where you can get lots of mod apps and hacked games. The app store comes with many benefits and it can also provide you with premium apps and games for free.
To Use TuTu app , first download it from this link right from your mobileOnce you click on the above link , you see the screenshot below.

Win PUBG using IPhone hacked application - No Jailbreak Needed

Click on the Install now button and click install again as below. 

Win PUBG using IPhone hacked application - No Jailbreak Needed                                   
Now you see and Icon on your home screen as installing ( if in case shown as waiting , just click on it will start downloading )
( Some times app may not start download or lag due server issue , then try again after some time )
Once the installation finish , you can start using Tu Tu application by verifying the app on your mobile.

To do so , go to Iphone 
settings >>> click on General >>>>  Go to profile and device management >>>  and click on new profile shown ( profile name differs and hence I didn't mention any name  >>> click on verify button.
Now you can start using Tu Tu App.

Open the application and search for app "PubG hack" or "PubG"
You would find different application relating the same name.Click on PUBG Mobile hack.
The modded version of PUBG Mobile also works just like the regular one, but you will notice improvements during the gunshots. The app comes with lots of other features too which you can explore while using the app. 

Win PUBG using IPhone hacked application - No Jailbreak Needed

Click on Get it Free , and you can see app starts getting downloaded. It will be auto installed on your Mobile.  ( may take time depending on your location and or internet speed )As this is also a third party app installed on your device , you may needed to verify the same way you verified Tu Tu app earlier.
Verified this too ??

 then you are done. Start using hacked PubG app and let us know your comments below 

If you do have any issues downloading or installing applications let us know by commenting below. 
Note :  Hacked apps may cause ban from PubG official. Hence use this with different account and use this app to know game better. Once you are good with all the maps and stuff, start using from your real account. MyBlogStory don't promote or having any relation with these third-party application. This article is just for informational purpose and there by we are not responsible for any kind of user usage. 


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock - MyBlogStory

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Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock

Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock

Hey , is that true ?? Stocks run on sympathy over Running stocks ?
I would say Yes  for this. Yup !! stocks run on sympathy to a current momentum stock ( will explain it clearly going below )

I started Trading couple of years back, analyzed 100s of materials, joined many Chat rooms and Off-course watched many DVD videos too (  DVDs by GURUs you might be very much familiar with )

( im going to write down all that for you here in coming days --- You get contents of Top DVDs in the market For Free here  )

For Now I can reframe all those strategies into one single line.  " control your mind , Play your Plan , Control your emotions and be disciplined" .
Thats it , you are the winner and You can start selling your DVDs too :p Lol

Anyways , coming to the Topic here. Let me put up whats Sympathy play is

Stock Sympathy Play

Well, Sympathy play is the concept of  playing on stocks which carries a relation with current Running stock , on an assumption that this will also move UP / Down followed by current momentum stock. 

Okay don't be confused , let me put up like this.
Lets say Stock A got some good news / momentum and is Running up 50% - 100% on open market. Looking to Stock A , you thought its already Up 50+% and you missed the Run. Then you assume as Stock B has relation with Stock A,  there are chances that  stock B can also move !! so you added a small position on Stock B and sold off for 10% up quick.

This is what Sympathy play is. ..

If you search for such stocks and examples , You can get 1000s from market history and You  gonan see almost every day too.

But question here is , how to find it pretty quick and where ??? 

Rather getting examples from history. I would like to add up something from todays market.
Yes, you find sympathies almost every day buddy.

Today is Nov 14th  2018 - After Hours

These are the Top Gapers for the day 
How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock  - MyBlogStory

I magnified the Top gained stock  " Any " , which closed  at 58% up.

Lets see the Intraday Chart for this stock

How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock  - MyBlogStory

This stock ran 120% during market Open as you can see in the Image above.  This Stock ran on News this morning. As the stock is Low floater and has some good news, people brought it on hype and raised up side.

As I missed the above Run at open .. As the stock started running very quick and its already moved high for the day to catch up with.

I though of catching some sympathy On ANY.

here is the way we can find it easy. I used FinViz for this purpose.

How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock  - MyBlogStory

If you have a look over ANY stock. You can find the sector , Market Cap , Shares Float and other information clearly.  Now what ?? we have to find a stock of similar filters. 
Kindha Chudu :p .   ( look over below Image )

How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock  - MyBlogStory

I used very basic filter here on FinViz Screeners ( you can use many other filters too if needed ) in getting the same sector , same price range and same market cap. I found INPX as better sympathy as it has almost same that ANY has other than news :p , also with some good volume bars.

So , I have taken a position at early stage with some good size as Risk level is pretty low compared to ANY which Gaped up in pre-market itself and keep moving up on open.

Sold it quick for some gains here 

How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock  - MyBlogStory

Hope you understand How to play on sympathies.


#RegardsToFuturePosts : I’m going to disclose top secrets of stock trading. Contents from famous DVDs gonna be explained here in my way of writing, with examples.
Because , I feel that  every one has right to learn  for free on “ how to earn “ , Other side I think these guys selling their DVDs for too high price.
I buy , learn and write down the strategies Here for you ... 

In Return plz Do follow us and support us


Note :  No Strategy is 100% accurate. Always be prepared for taking loss. have a risk level and take position. Some times you may enter on a stock which is not a sympathy or may not be played by anyone ending up no change in price or decline in price due to low volume.  

If You enjoyed reading my article. 

If you believe this article helpful. 


Friday, 9 November 2018

Keyboard Navigation Widgets for your Blogger Template

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Enable Keyboard Arrow Navigation to Blog Posts 

Keyboard Navigation Widgets

Most of our readers use to ask me how to add or enable keyboard arrow navigation to blogger posts . So here I came with the solution . Many of the now a day websites and wordpress Blogs using this  feature in making things go easier for the readers .

Default blogger template shows only navigation links at the bottom of your every post .  Today I gonna explain you  how adding or enabling this feature to your Blogger Blog.

You can use your right / Left keyboard arrows for Live demo here in this Blog which navigates you to next and previous posts .

Check it friend ...

Okay lets go into the topic .

How to enable Keyboard arrow navigation to Blogger posts : 

Go to Blogger >>> Template >> Edit Template

Search for   "  </head> " by using Ctrl + F

Just above to the </head> tag , past the below Code .

<!-- code for keyboard arrow navigation by -->
<script type='text/javascript'>
window.onload = function()
document.onkeyup = function(event)
if (document.activeElement.nodeName == 'TEXTAREA' || document.activeElement.nodeName == 'INPUT') return;
event = event || window.event;
case 37:
var newerLink = document.getElementById('Blog1_blog-pager-newer-link');
if(newerLink !=null) window.location.href = newerLink.href;
case 39:
var olderLink = document.getElementById('Blog1_blog-pager-older-link');
if(olderLink!=null) window.location.href = olderLink.href;
<!-- end of code keyboard arrow navigation by -->

Also make s
Thats it and you are done .  Enjoy Blogging ... :)

True and Complete Review on TradeZero ( MyBlogStory.Com )

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Pros & Cons using TradeZero Stock Brokerage Company

( TradeZero Best Known for No PDT rule , Free Trades on Limit Orders )

True and Complete  Review on TradeZero By Sunny  ( MyBlogStory.Com )

Click Here To Register TradeZero Today 

Im n't a Big Stock Player or well reputed top trader. Im same like most of you. A common Man , started trading since 2016. I struggled in finding best out of market for  No PDT rule ( as I dont have 25K with me) , Good leverage and also who can provide best commissions
And being With tradezero for more than a year by now. I found this to be Best.
Not Like many other reviewers , Im n't here to promote Brokers , rather I always write down real experience  using different platforms.

TradeZero.Co is online discount broker based  in Nassau, Bahamas. As they are located out of United States , they don't need to compile with PDT Rule. Yes , you no need to worry about Pattern Day Trading rule even with smaller account size.

Also look over my post on UstockTrade to get No PDT rule For USA Citizens - smaller accounts 

I personally prefer using TradeZero and I recommend it for
  • Starters with small accounts who wants to skip PDT rule  
  • Intermediate level traders who can take advantage of Limit Free trades ( commission free ) and to short sell with 6X leverage amounts 
  • Experts in getting almost all the stock tickers located for shorting.

Lets see all the Pros ( Blue colored ) and Cons (Red Colored ) below

Look Over My article on How best you can find a Sympathy Play over a Huge Running Stock

Some of Pros & Cons on TradeZero account:
Opening Account & Minimum deposit
&& Leverage Given 

  • Minimum of 500$ can be used to Open account with TradeZero.
  • You get 1:4 leverage from $500+ to $2499  and 1:6 Leverage  on Cash balance Over $2500+  
    i.e you if you have 2500$ deposited , you get 2500x6 = 15000$ to day trade.
  • Leverage Schedule Tradezero
    • You can use leverage amounts only on Stocks Priced 3$ and above
Free Orders / Commissions and Fee
  • Commission free trading on limit order executions - of share size 200 and or above with a minimum of 1-2 second gap on filling. (enlarge below image for more info )
    • Stop Limits wont fall under this zone of Free Trades 
    • OTC stocks wont be under this too
    • Btw Stock price under 1$ cant be traded for Free  
  • Charges on paid orders are below 
Charges on TradeZero

Shorting stocks - Locate fee structure 
  • Most Important part of TradeZero is shorting stocks. You can locate almost all the stock tickers ( hard to barrow charges may differ from stock to stock ) 
  • Shorting stocks is very easy that you can short almost every stock ticker using TZ 
    • Easy to Barrow stocks are very less or hard to find - among high volatile stocks - in other words , you have to pay and locate  almost every stock which are of High momentum. ( Good thing here is , you can always find / locate shares and if stock is not Highly Volatile you would find it Easy to Barrow )
    • Major issue, I found shorting stocks with TZ is .. You shouldn't hold short position overnight , if you do , you have to pay charges of 7X the borrowing charges on each share.  ( where as , normal stocks held overnight with margin amounts will be charged as less as 8% annually )
TradeZerro Overnight charges on Short position ( MyBlogStory.Com )

Software Free 
  • There are many tools to trade stocks  @ TZ , You can use Software tool , Web Zero and also ZeroFree  ( Mobile app in addition ) 
  • Charges on these are pretty low compared many tools available in market and also you can get it for free if you trade some count of shares per month ( details below )
Software Fee Tradezero

You can get even lesser charges over these tools , if you register through MyBlogStory 

    • As TZ is OFFSHORE , they may not provide you Tax Documents. You have to deal with it by your own. ( But hopefully can be managed )
Over All -- TradeZero is best out of market for all day traders with << 25K to Avoid PDT rule and trade with free limit orders, also can short almost all stocks with good locate charges. 

Being MyBlogStory Readers , You get discounted account by registering through us

Discounts On tradezero account

Click Here To Register Today


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

All about Skipping Pattern Day Trading Rule ( PDT )

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 Can You Skip PDT rule while trading ? 

Can I skip PDT rule

It seem you are much worried about pattern day trading rule and hence you got into my blog today.

Well, you got to the right place and you will find some good alternative apps where you can trade skipping PDT rule by minimum deposits. 

Yes , that’s true. There are few apps / broke companies who allow you to trade on No PDT rule. 

My first target of such is Ustoktrade app. 

Before getting into this app .. let me clarify few things with you. 
  • Do you know that PDT rule won’t be applied on Cash accounts?
  • Then why can’t every one use Cash account to day trade ?? 
  • Because, cash accounts will have T3 day settlement ( 3 days ) from securities in getting back their cash after trade ( buying - selling their positions).
  • Hence , you can’t day trade more the times with lesser cash amounts, as it can be used only once before it gets settled from securities. 
How ever, we still have one app that give cash accounts with T0 settlements. 
A cash account with T0 settlement mean - No PDT Rule and you can trade unlimited number of times with in same day. 

Yes , I’m talking about the app ( Ustocktrade ) who gives all this possible. 

Is why many and many traders with less amounts turning towards Ustocktrade.
I’m using it too. 

They charge only 1$ on each trade ( buy or sell ) and also 1$ per month as service fee. Which seems to be the least / cheapest compared to any other Broke companies out. 

Hold on!!!!! Am I talking about only pros of this app ???  

Ustocktrade Cons 
  •  I guess only one major problem that many users faced using this app is ( limited liquidity)  
  • Yes , many penny stocks or stocks under higher volume falls into limited liquidity category. Where filling orders will be the hardest part 
  • If you get your order filled , you got to be damn lucky dear.
  • Very next issue manu worried about this app is No extended hours ( pre market or post market ) 
  • You can not short ( this is logic less though , Becz cash account won’t get shorting facility anywhere )
  • No Stock Options ( ofcrz I don’t even think this is as con . But as far as compared with other apps like Robinhood .. this is what missing feature )
  • Charting is tooo bad .. I would say no chart provided by them 
  • No level 1 data or any kind of analysis or analytics provided 
  • Better use any other TOS like tools to analyze chart and stock data while trading on Ustocktrade 
  • I don’t remember anything else for now . 😉 will add if I get more points 

Make sure you like .. share and or comment below in supporting us 

Comment your experience with Ustocktrade below.