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Sunday 5 July 2020

How to Access Tik Tok Videos Even After the Ban: A Step-by-Step Guide

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 How to Access Tik Tok Videos after Ban at your place

How To browse TikTok videos after Ban in the country

Indian Govt has banned some of well known and used applications in recent times which you are aware of.  Many people in India were on favor of this Ban and some like you :p were still searching on how to access Tik Tok or looking for an alternative.

You are not alone and worry not you are at the right place.

How to view banned TikTok Videos 

Many people have been already tried using VPN to access banned website. As you all know , earlier Indian Govt has banned all porn websites and still almost every one watching the same using VPNs with no blockers.

But here Tik Tok has different and more complex situation.  These applications were blocked at server level and from all app-stores for downloads.

Although if you install VPN and try accessing these application will result in "No network connection" error message.

Yet, we have one other way accessing your Tiktok account and to browse videos. 

You need to have VPN installed on your device doing so.  There were many VPN service providing applications on app-store and some of them open for free.

Download any of your choice which needs to have Free service pointing to IP from different country ( where Tik tok is not banned ).

One among such application is the "Secure VPN"Download and install Secure VPN app >> Open app >> accept agreement / policy >> select auto >> and click on Connect >> click Ok

Once you are connected to VPN service , app will show as connected. Minimize the application.

Its the time now to access Tik Tok website. Hold on , dont try it from application.
Open your browser , let say Chrome on your mobile device. ( ) and click on Watch Now as shown below.

close the suggestion to open app 


Click on profile tab as shown below and log in to your profile.

That's it. You are done and now you can browse tiktok videos with no issue.
You can watch out on for you page , your following page and also your personal profile videos.

Things that you cant do here are as follows

You cant access Activity page such as your notifications and or messages.
You can't upload videos to TikTok as browser doesn't have this feature.
You can't access account settings such as deactivate your account.

Hope this can make you happy for little extent.
Also note this approach is 100% working by the time of my post and I cant guarantee it in future.  

Please comment below if you support Indian Govt decision on this ban or if not why. Also if you know other way of accessing TikTok please comment below.

This article is only for informative purpose
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