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Monday 31 December 2018

Play PUBG mobile On Windows - More comfortable and High win rate

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Play PubG mobile On Windows

Play PubG mobile On Windows

Hi Readers,
We are back with new interesting stuff to all game lovers ... ( PubG Mobile Lovers )

Couple of days back, I added a story on how to download Iphone hacked app and play PubG game with more advanced features.
Many people messaged me asking for Android. I found some hacked PubG applications for android too. I will add the story once Im done with testing.

Coming to Windows game, I downloaded it and tested using all the available options. Its just same Mobile version of PubG , rather you gonna play it from PC.

You may needed to practice a while using keyboard & Mouse operations.
Once you get use to it, you can find this  to be very simple and easy way to win the game from PC than  Mobile.

How To Download PubG Mobile On Windows 

You no need to be a techi person for this, No alien stuff or rocket science. Just a click on download button , Install and you can start Playing the game. Its that simple.

Tencent gaming buddy is the one who provided platform to play Mobile games on PC. You need to download Tencent gaming buddy software first and it downloads and installs you PubG Mobile on top of it.

One good thing about them is , when ever there is any new update comes up for the mobile version of game, Tencent will ask you to upgrade and it gonna be pretty quick sync with game server.

Here is link to download PubG mobile game on PC 

Play PUBG mobile On Windows - More comfortable and High win rate

I hope you can easily download and install the game following the options you get by running the installation file.

If you still finds difficult installing it , let us know by commenting below. Always happy to help you :)

Mouse and Keyboard Controls after a fresh Installation of Pubg Mobile on PC

  • WASD/ Directionals: Move
  • Left Click: Fire, punch or melee
  • Right Click: ADS
  • Spacebar: Jump, vault, swim
  • C: Crouch
  • Z: Prone
  • Free Look: Alt (Look around without losing your aim)
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Mouse Lock: Auto Run
  • Throwables (Frags, Smokes, Molotovs, Stuns): 4, 5, 6
  • Heal Items (Medkit, First Aid, Bandage, Energy Drink, Syringe): 7.8,9,0
  • F1: Quickly displays controls
  • F: Interact

If you want to change any of these , you can do it just by pressing the small keyboard button in the top-right of the emulation screen which get you to key mapping menu. Change the keys as you want and enjoy the Game.

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Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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