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Very happy with your interest in advertising with us .  

" My Blog Story " have some terms & conditions in accepting your advertising content.

Please look over the below Terms & Conditions before contacting us for any ads .

Terms & Conditions 

  • Your website should be spam free .
  • Your website should not have any pornographically images or content placed any where ( including advertisements displayed ) 
  • Your website should not be in black list of any Anti virus / website analyzing sites .
  • Your website should not be in RED color list by any websites .
  • Your website should not be any gambling or any other such category sites.
  • Website should not be a competitor to
  • website should not be any related to Hacking , Fake news , Tricks . 

We reject or stop working with you at any time with out your notice , if your website / content  fails in satisfying any of the above conditions .

If you think your website / content is per the above terms and accepting our conditions . Please mail us filling the below form and our ads Team will get back to you as soon as possible .

You can even mail us directly at   [email protected]