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Monday 29 September 2014

Get 200 - 300 $ every month working Online Captcha Data Entry Work

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Online Captcha Data Entry Work 

Get 200 - 300 $ every month  working Online Captcha Data Entry Work

Final Update on this website after using for couple of months - is at the Bottom , Read it first before giving a try 

Hi Hi all , I am back with my 1st post for the label  " earn money online " .

Its been 2 days joining this program . After going through many reviews , user experience , and many more payment proofs , I came to trust this website and Job .

You all might have seen many data entry jobs and may worked for . But , have you ever gone through this captcha code entry ?  May not , right ?  Any how you can get all the details here

Captcha Data Entry : 

Captcha data entry is nothing but typing the code shown on  images into  input box given . We have seen this kinda codes in many websites that they use for security reasons .
Here are sample images of Captcha codes found on websites .

Captcha Data Entry Work          Captcha Data Entry Work

So , here comes the question . How to work with these kind of codes and whats the work is ??

Let me make the story more shorter ... 

           For making you start earning faster ...

Data entry jobs by Megatypers : is a website who is providing Captcha code entry jobs online with out any investment. This job is best for

  • Mothers who stay  home.
  • Students part time .
  • Parents who need a 2nd job.
  • People in between jobs.

How much you earn depends on how much you work. Our top typers earn between $ 100 and $ 250 each month! Our rates start from $ 0.50 for each 1000 words typed and can go as high as up to $ 1.3 for each 1000 words typed. 

This web site is 100%  free registration

There Payment system is:  Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and Western Union 

Person who has good typing speed can easily complete 1000 entries in 40 mins in average . If he / she works for 5 hours daily during good rate time . Earnings will be around 5-6 $ per day ie. 350 INR per day .

This can be very helpful for some one who need some extra cash . People with less typing speed , need to practice and it may take some time for you to start good earnings.

Click on the below link for registering with this website . 

Copy and past this code on the registration page when it asks for invitation code . 

Invitation Code :    98JQ

with out the above invitation code , registration can not allowed .  Click here to enter the website  

Tips and Tricks in earning more working with Megatypers :

These are the main options you need to concentrate while working with Megatypers .

  • Go for the Highspeed work Beta only if you are good at typing . 
  • If not , go for start working and move on until you get habituated with the work . 
  • While typing , never bother about case sensitivity . Capital letters / small letters may appear . You just type every thing as small because most and most of the Captcha data dosent have case sensitivity , hence it approves upper or lower case letters if it is the same letter given .
  • If you are working with the tab " Start working " , the codes that need to be typed with case sensitivity will be intimated on the left side of the type box .  And for those who work with " Highspeed work " , you may not get intimated with case sensitive codes but , as I observed those kinda words comes 3% among 100 . So , that wont be that problem even if missed .
  •   If you have confusion with the data press ESC button or dont know button . But make sure not to use more times
  • Some times , you may be kicked off due to the delay submitting the data in the box. In such case , don't go hurry again to " Start Working " . Keep cool and give some gap before starting the work . Because they may ban you if you get frequent kickoffs . 

Earn more by referring friends  

Tips and Tricks in earning more working with Megatypers

For any other queries about  this work  , please comment below

Update :   This website is not allowing to withdraw money. Also if you forget to login for a while they wont even allow you to login any more. They remove your account from database and your hard earned money is getting eaten.

I tried , I worked and I lost all my money while reviewing this website. 
Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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