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Monday 17 June 2019

Believe it or not - we are in a world where no smartphone is Safe

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How one can monitor other's mobile phone data

Hello, Readers!

When the age of coding began with the phrase "Hello, World!", I knew we were on the cusp of incredible technological innovations and advancements.
But, how safe are we in this digital world? Is our privacy at risk when using a smartphone?

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Now and then, I see many articles getting viral about Facebook , whatsapp , Google and other applications who tracks all your data and use it for advertisements. 
That's True but I don't wanna talk about it though ..... 

My  Blog Story ...  is on something else

I'm pointing to Applications that can send your data to someone you know. 

Introducing  the application ( which can be hidden ) and send all your data like application chats , SMS, location information , Call Logs , Call history , gallery  what not every thing from your mobile to some one else ( who can be a stranger or one you talk regularly ).

This hidden app can even open your camera anytime with-out your knowledge of identification and send the live video or images to someone who holds control over this shitty hidden app on your mobile.

You No way can find it on your Home -menu or on app list. Even if you check on app managers like in android , still you cant find this app.

who knows, your mobile may have one of such app now ....  mean while you getting to know about how they work.. lol

Well, let me tell how this app works. How it can be installed and tracked.

There were 100s and more companies who give kinda application with monthly and or yearly subscription.

Initially these apps were made for parents to track their kids and to monitor their activities, also for corporate purpose to track employee usage on company devices.

Later many people started using this to track their Girl friend or boy friend so that they can find who cheats. Followed by wife and or husband tracking down other.

Now and then I see some records that shows how common people installing it on friend's device and misusing it.

These apps were getting installed by spammers on your mobile by spreading fake URL links as SMS / whatsapp chat to your mobile as follows !

" click the link to get Starbucks 100$ gift card " ... 

This is how you do click on it unknowingly which will download and install such app in background. You may even don't know what just had happened
On top of it , they leave a message on web page as "send this to 10 more friends to claim Gift"

You take a part in helping spammers by sharing this to your friends.

Okay , How to get this app ? How will it be linked and tracked by spammers or by your guy / girl :p

There were many application providers for such use and they call it as "Mobile Spy Apps".
 Available for Android and IPhone IOS too.
Can be installed physically if you get a chance holding mobile for a while
or by sending URLs as mentioned above
Can also be installed remotely if you know once apple ID and password.

Note that some of hackers developing their own app of such kind and using it to hack thousands of devices with no limit on connectivity. 

Once it gets installed ( in seconds ) you no need to customize or modify any setting , application package gets default link to your actual registered account with app company.

Thats It ... you are done

Now if you login to web portal of app company ( mobile spy app )  you get your account information and a control panel page where you can monitor and track all the devices connected on your account.

here is an example of one of such company who provide applications to monitor someone's mobile.  Providing you some screenshot showing the how to track others data ...

Believe it  or not - we are in a world where no smartphone is Safe

This is a demo account from one of such app making company and on left you see a list of all features you get out of their app and on right is the dashboard.

if you click on any of feature you get output as followed

Believe it  or not - we are in a world where no smartphone is Safe

So ... never think that your safe browsing , safe chatting or even safe calling to someone private.

I am about to write a new article story on how to be safe with all these spams and YOU better subscribe my blog by giving your email ID below or Like us on facebook to get notified. 

  • For now I you think being a victim , would suggest - go for factory reset.
  • Wipe out all the data and start using fresh. 
  • Coming days don't ever click on any links , and never trust any one in giving your mobile / passwords for even a min lol 
Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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