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Monday 10 December 2018

Best way for Indian Citizens to Day Trade US Stocks From India

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How to Day Trade US Stocks From India Or Asia 

( This is for any Non US Citizens other than Indians too )
No PTD Rule Applied

Hello Readers..

I was always interested in learning stock markets and investment plans. I started trading Indian stocks during 2009 and 2011 which didn't worked well. And I felt not to re-touch stocks after my initial losses. 

When I moved to USA I started looking over USA stock market and found it to be high volatile giving you high risk and rewards compared to Indian Market.

If you Day trade on Indian stock market, the highest part of profits that you can take with in a Day would be like 10% , isn’t it ?

Majority of Indian Day Traders use leverage money like 16 times or 25 times on day trades and like the way they get higher percentage of gains even stock moves up 5% or so.  ( Do you truly believe playing stock using someone's money is safe ? )     

Where as if you check the Day movers list from US market , you would find stocks runners like 100% 200% - —- even 1000%

Its up to you to use leverage given or not .. anyways you can gain good using your money.

I wouldn’t tell you that there would be a huge gap up runners every time and for every stock you pick, but yes there are chances that some stocks can run up more than 100% easily in most of days. 

Trading US stocks is much better than Trading Indian market.
Time and effort you add up on would be same , but output differs a lot.
Is why major part of global traders love to trade US stocks
( High volatile and High risk reward chances ) 

Remember ,  High percent of rewards always carry high risk too. So , you have to study market better , Analyze charts , research company related catalysts , also do know and control human emotions as per current market conditions.

Be emotionless and stick to your plan. You can earn huge from US market .

I know many people earning like millions of dollars from this market and they got famous too.
You might be aware of them. 

Any ways , let's get into topic. I was searching all around to find a best brokerage company to trade USA stocks.
I can tell you , TradeZero is the best of it. 

No brokerage company from India or any other places .. who allow US stocks to trade do have such great features , rates and discounts likes TradeZero. 
  • No PDT Rule 
  • No commissions on all Limit orders 
  • 6 times your cash balance 
  • No worry in missing out any short position ( as you can locate almost all stock tickers ) 
  • Cheap Platform charges to trade from web , mobile or by using software 
    • Else you can use Free web platform named ZeroFree

Click Here To Register TradeZero Today 

( look over my complete review on TZ before registering )

There are lot more things that can allow you to earn Huge from US stock market.
Do remember to learn first .. and then plan your trade to make entry and exit on a stock. 

If you know how to trade. Come join US Stocks and earn even more and more than what you gained in India. For this I never found a better brokerage other than TradeZero 

It’s not about promoting. It’s the fact.  ( You can research on it your way )

Our readers do have discounts too from TradeZero team only if you register through
MyBlogStory. com

I will Guide you further more by many articles on day trading Tips and with many explained strategies here in coming days. I would also add a chatroom sooner so that we all can discuss and trade US stocks in better way.

So do follow us on Facebook. 

Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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