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Friday 9 November 2018

True and Complete Review on TradeZero ( MyBlogStory.Com )

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Pros & Cons using TradeZero Stock Brokerage Company

( TradeZero Best Known for No PDT rule , Free Trades on Limit Orders )

True and Complete  Review on TradeZero By Sunny  ( MyBlogStory.Com )

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Im n't a Big Stock Player or well reputed top trader. Im same like most of you. A common Man , started trading since 2016. I struggled in finding best out of market for  No PDT rule ( as I dont have 25K with me) , Good leverage and also who can provide best commissions
And being With tradezero for more than a year by now. I found this to be Best.
Not Like many other reviewers , Im n't here to promote Brokers , rather I always write down real experience  using different platforms.

TradeZero.Co is online discount broker based  in Nassau, Bahamas. As they are located out of United States , they don't need to compile with PDT Rule. Yes , you no need to worry about Pattern Day Trading rule even with smaller account size.

Also look over my post on UstockTrade to get No PDT rule For USA Citizens - smaller accounts 

I personally prefer using TradeZero and I recommend it for
  • Starters with small accounts who wants to skip PDT rule  
  • Intermediate level traders who can take advantage of Limit Free trades ( commission free ) and to short sell with 6X leverage amounts 
  • Experts in getting almost all the stock tickers located for shorting.

Lets see all the Pros ( Blue colored ) and Cons (Red Colored ) below

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Some of Pros & Cons on TradeZero account:
Opening Account & Minimum deposit
&& Leverage Given 

  • Minimum of 500$ can be used to Open account with TradeZero.
  • You get 1:4 leverage from $500+ to $2499  and 1:6 Leverage  on Cash balance Over $2500+  
    i.e you if you have 2500$ deposited , you get 2500x6 = 15000$ to day trade.
  • Leverage Schedule Tradezero
    • You can use leverage amounts only on Stocks Priced 3$ and above
Free Orders / Commissions and Fee
  • Commission free trading on limit order executions - of share size 200 and or above with a minimum of 1-2 second gap on filling. (enlarge below image for more info )
    • Stop Limits wont fall under this zone of Free Trades 
    • OTC stocks wont be under this too
    • Btw Stock price under 1$ cant be traded for Free  
  • Charges on paid orders are below 
Charges on TradeZero

Shorting stocks - Locate fee structure 
  • Most Important part of TradeZero is shorting stocks. You can locate almost all the stock tickers ( hard to barrow charges may differ from stock to stock ) 
  • Shorting stocks is very easy that you can short almost every stock ticker using TZ 
    • Easy to Barrow stocks are very less or hard to find - among high volatile stocks - in other words , you have to pay and locate  almost every stock which are of High momentum. ( Good thing here is , you can always find / locate shares and if stock is not Highly Volatile you would find it Easy to Barrow )
    • Major issue, I found shorting stocks with TZ is .. You shouldn't hold short position overnight , if you do , you have to pay charges of 7X the borrowing charges on each share.  ( where as , normal stocks held overnight with margin amounts will be charged as less as 8% annually )
TradeZerro Overnight charges on Short position ( MyBlogStory.Com )

Software Free 
  • There are many tools to trade stocks  @ TZ , You can use Software tool , Web Zero and also ZeroFree  ( Mobile app in addition ) 
  • Charges on these are pretty low compared many tools available in market and also you can get it for free if you trade some count of shares per month ( details below )
Software Fee Tradezero

You can get even lesser charges over these tools , if you register through MyBlogStory 

    • As TZ is OFFSHORE , they may not provide you Tax Documents. You have to deal with it by your own. ( But hopefully can be managed )
Over All -- TradeZero is best out of market for all day traders with << 25K to Avoid PDT rule and trade with free limit orders, also can short almost all stocks with good locate charges. 

Being MyBlogStory Readers , You get discounted account by registering through us

Discounts On tradezero account

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Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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