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Tuesday 6 November 2018

All about Skipping Pattern Day Trading Rule ( PDT )

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 Can You Skip PDT rule while trading ? 

Can I skip PDT rule

It seem you are much worried about pattern day trading rule and hence you got into my blog today.

Well, you got to the right place and you will find some good alternative apps where you can trade skipping PDT rule by minimum deposits. 

Yes , that’s true. There are few apps / broke companies who allow you to trade on No PDT rule. 

My first target of such is Ustoktrade app. 

Before getting into this app .. let me clarify few things with you. 
  • Do you know that PDT rule won’t be applied on Cash accounts?
  • Then why can’t every one use Cash account to day trade ?? 
  • Because, cash accounts will have T3 day settlement ( 3 days ) from securities in getting back their cash after trade ( buying - selling their positions).
  • Hence , you can’t day trade more the times with lesser cash amounts, as it can be used only once before it gets settled from securities. 
How ever, we still have one app that give cash accounts with T0 settlements. 
A cash account with T0 settlement mean - No PDT Rule and you can trade unlimited number of times with in same day. 

Yes , I’m talking about the app ( Ustocktrade ) who gives all this possible. 

Is why many and many traders with less amounts turning towards Ustocktrade.
I’m using it too. 

They charge only 1$ on each trade ( buy or sell ) and also 1$ per month as service fee. Which seems to be the least / cheapest compared to any other Broke companies out. 

Hold on!!!!! Am I talking about only pros of this app ???  

Ustocktrade Cons 
  •  I guess only one major problem that many users faced using this app is ( limited liquidity)  
  • Yes , many penny stocks or stocks under higher volume falls into limited liquidity category. Where filling orders will be the hardest part 
  • If you get your order filled , you got to be damn lucky dear.
  • Very next issue manu worried about this app is No extended hours ( pre market or post market ) 
  • You can not short ( this is logic less though , Becz cash account won’t get shorting facility anywhere )
  • No Stock Options ( ofcrz I don’t even think this is as con . But as far as compared with other apps like Robinhood .. this is what missing feature )
  • Charting is tooo bad .. I would say no chart provided by them 
  • No level 1 data or any kind of analysis or analytics provided 
  • Better use any other TOS like tools to analyze chart and stock data while trading on Ustocktrade 
  • I don’t remember anything else for now . 😉 will add if I get more points 

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