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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

True review on WeBull Trading account - By Sunny

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True review on WeBull 

True review on WeBull

If you guys don’t have Webull account .. give it a try ..  this is best mobile app so far compared to many mobile apps , very good charting options , more company specific information , news and lot more .. this is also free like Robinhood with more n more features to analyze stocks ..  best points with this app are
  • They give complete pre and after hours for trading 
  • They give extraordinarily best chart view features 
  • Free L1 trade data ( buyings and selling volume on live ) 
  • You can trade global markets too 
  • News updates 
  • Stock scanners 
  • Ability to short stocks ( must have margin account  ) 
  • One more Important thing is you get 4 times leverage for day trades and 2 times leverage for other trades
    that means if you have 2000$  cash on webull account , you get 8000$ for day trade and 4000$ for over night or hold for longterm as far as u r above margin call.  ( google to know about margin calls) 

Finally u would get a free stock after signup ( value is up to 1000$ worth)  ( I got a free stock of 7$ anyways )

Give a try and register using below link ( only if interested in trading or to have better featured charting app )

Click here to register and Download this App 
Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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