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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Best and powerful way to write a blog post by following some easy steps

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Best and powerful way to write a blog post  by following some easy steps
Hi Friends , I am back with the next session of blogging . Now I gonna explain you with some simple steps in writing a blog post in a powerful and better way . 

I think you already understand blogging that it is an efficient promoting channel, however does one realize and find some time in writing down the blog post?

When I started blogging two years ago, it use to take  four to 5 hours to write down a post. Since then, not solely have I worked out the way to write 1,000 - 2,000 word blog posts in underneath 2 hours, however I’ve conjointly worked out the way to improve the standard of my posts.

Here is that the method you'll be able to use to write down a post in but 2 hours or even less .

Blog on your passion

Blogging may be a job, unless you're addicted to the subject. So, 1st and foremost, decide a subject you're addicted to.

Don’t simply decide a subject that you simply “think” you're addicted to. decide one that you simply positively understand you’ll love. it's to be a subject that you simply love such a lot that you simply need to perpetually learn additional regarding it.

Create an inventory

Now that you simply have a subject that you’re addicted to, produce an inventory of all the popular blogs therein area. you'll be able to simply do that by looking out in google . If there aren’t several common blogs in your area, list all the blogs that are somewhat in your area and are common.

Now that you simply have an inventory or a group of all the popular blogs, ensure you browse them once every week. once browsing them, search for social buttons on every post that shows what percentage individuals either “tweeted” or “liked” the post. the upper the quantity, the better.

Take the posts that have over fifty or one hundred social shares and list them during a program. This whole method shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes.

Spin the title

The hardest part regarding blog is turning out with a subject to your blog . however you don’t got to worry regarding this drawback any longer.

Browse through your programmed  subject line after all looking to many blog posts of your topic  and still tweak the headlines till you come back up with a subject concept that you'd need to blog on.

For example, in my program, I found this headline:

A Simple set up for Writing One Powerful Piece of on-line Content per Week

This headline on Copyblogger had over 1,400 tweets. as a result of the fast Sprout audience conjointly likes topics regarding “blogging” and that i myself am addicted to blogging, i assumed I might spin that title. Here were my variations:

A Simple set up for Writing One blog Post per Week
A Simple set up for Writing One blog Post per Week in but 2 Hours
A Simple set up for Writing a blog Post in but 2 Hours
A Simple set up for Writing a robust blog Post in but two Hours
As you'll be able to see, I unbroken on modifying the headline till i used to be pleased with a variation. The fourth and last variation is one I likable, thus i made a decision to travel with it.

The process of spinning headlines shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes. you must be ready to turn out a variation of a headline a minimum of once each thirty seconds. So, over the course of 10 minutes, you must have a minimum of twenty headlines.

Outline your post

Before you write your post, you must define it. List the most points you would like to cover in your introduction, body and conclusion.

Once you've got the most points you would like to speak regarding within the body section, break them down into subheadings.

Lets have this post as example ,  the subheadings are:

Blog on your passion
Create an inventory
Spin the title
Outline your post
Fill within the details
Edit, tweak, and massage
Post and share

Make sure your subheadings clearly describe what you're attending to pen.

This section shouldn’t take you longer than 10 minutes. I do know you'll miss some details by being economical along with your time, however that’s okay. No blog post is ever excellent, thus no matter points you've got in your define, simply run with it.

Fill within the details

This is the longest section, however most likely the simplest. Over successive sixty minutes, you must be writing what you would like to speak regarding.

Don’t worry regarding creating things excellent or mistreatment correct writing system or descriptive linguistics, just write. If you happen to own writer’s block in one in every of the made public sections, skip it and return thereto later.

The key to “filling within the details” is to kind as quick as potential. Don’t fluff things up and don’t correct any errors once you build mistakes whereas writing. most significantly, don’t worry regarding attempting to sound subtle through the employment of fancy words… Blog as if you're writing for a 5th-grader.

Edit, tweak and massage

Now that you simply have your Blog post, it’s time to shine it.

Add or take away points – you would like your Blog post to hit exhausting, thus add any points that you simply feel can strengthen your post. consequently, take away any points that aren’t robust.
Add facts – with a number of fast Google searches, you must be ready to realize info to support the points you're creating. realize some sites to link to it duplicate what you've got to mention. this may boost your quality Associate in facilitate complete you as an knowledgeable in your area.
Improve the flow – if one thing isn’t simple to scan, individuals won’t need to still scan it. ensure your blog posts are simple to scan. Use transitions to assist readability.
Correct descriptive errors and writing system errors – though this seems like a useless step, it truly is admittedly vital. Errors will have an effect on your quality during a negative manner. If you aren’t smart at fixing your errors like Pine Tree State, have somebody else assure your blog posts. If you can’t realize somebody, scan your post aloud because it can assist you realize the errors.
Editing, tweaking and massaging shouldn’t take quite twenty minutes.

Post and share

If you wrote your post inside your blogging platform, great! If not, simply copy and paste it. Most blogging platforms have a “what you see is what you get” editor, thus if you copy and paste your blog post over, it ought to keep all of your info.

But before you post your blog post, you would like to feature a picture. you'll be able to realize a resourceful commons image from Flickr.

Once your post is up, share it on your social accounts. Twitter and Facebook area unit 2 nice places to begin.

This method shouldn't take you longer than 10 minutes.


There you've got it! you're currently ready to write a blog post in underneath 2 hours.

At first, you most likely won’t be ready to do everything i discussed higher than in 2 hours, however when your 1st few tries, you must be ready to write a post inside that point frame simply.

Hope my post can be helpful in making your blog post a good one .

Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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