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Monday, 28 July 2014

How to view private Facebook profile photos - Download Profile photo

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View and download Full size locked Facebook Profile Photo 

Viewing personal photos with out  the permission of the owner are often annoying particularly if you told the owner what you have done, that is why you would like to unlock those secured photos while not the owner knowing regarding it, this manner you will be wrongfully viewing the personal pictures.

How to view private Facebook profile photos

Facebook has this feature of turning the privacy settings of photos to only me, creating it personal, unavailable to the overall Facebook public. But is it extremely private?

Well curiosity moved me to seek out out even as it's moving you to browse this. thus here is my find, Facebook personal pictures aren't secured, even a non-Facebook user will view them, truly it is not an enormous deal nor it's technical, if you'll be able to delete and add, copy and paste you'll be able to bonk. It's as straightforward as reading A, B, C, D, the nursery words a five year old will manage.

How to view private Facebook profile photos

  • Open the profile of the persons whose private picture you want to view or download .
  • Right click with your mouse on the profile picture and click on copy image url link as shown below 

How to view private Facebook profile photos

  • Past the copied URL into a new Tab window of your browser and click enter .
  • It will show you the actual image in a small size 

  •  Here is the sample link for your reference  , where you have to remove the highlighted area and press enter

  • That's all and you are done. Now you can view full size of the private / locked profile photo . 

How to view private Facebook profile photos

Hope this is useful . So , what you are looking at friends . Just have a try  and check Locked profile pictures of strangers   :P  ( Lollll .... )

This is purely informative purpose , And we are not responsible for any kind of miss use of this content .

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