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Monday, 4 August 2014

Find status of your facebook pending friend request sent 

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Find status of all your  friend request sent  in Facebook

Find all your pending friend requests and details

Yes , What you are looking is true . Now you can have a look at your previously sent friend request and  the status by following the below  method.

This is that simple using an application in Facebook giving out the details .

Many people are looking out for this application where they can get sent request details.

Some days back , I found one of my school mate on the suggestion box  ( People you may know ). After clicking on the link it got disappeared and after few days I was unable get the link even in search box. I don't know whether she accepted / rejected . Any how as her name was not coming in search , it mean that my request was not send or she might kept it pended .

As she changed the privacy settings , her name is not getting popped on search / at suggestion box.

By this time , I found this application which can help us in getting all those past request details .

You can check whether they kept it in pending state or cancelled your request. And also yourself can cancel the request if you don't want it to be ....

Okay lets get into the process ...

 for getting into the Facebook application  Click here   friend.

After entering the page , please allow the application to get your profile details .

Now , Just give out the friend profile to check the status of that particular request as shown in the below image

else if you want to find all the friends list who all kept your request in pending , click on the " Find past requests " Button

Find all your pending friend requests and details

Now you will get into a new page where you can get all the details in clear . You can find a sample image of that page and procedure below .

Find status of your facebook pending friend request sent 

After getting the list , Try cancelling the requests which were kept aside by your friend . As Facebook will block your friend request options when ever they find more pending requests.

Hope this can be useful in getting what you are looking for .

Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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