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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Social Locker widgets for blog blogger

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Social Locker widgets for blog blogger

In this post I gonna tell you a story for adding a social Locker to blogger posts . This posts helps the one who is looking for more Facebook Likes , Shares , Twitter and Google shares .  In general making this costs a lot for promotions etc and here this comes very simple by adding this social locker widget to your blogger posts .

Social Locker widgets for blog blogger

This social locker is actually generated for WordPress where we modified it for you , for your Blogger Blogs . This can help for more social media shares and promotions .

How Social Locker widget Works : 

This Locker widget is great way in getting more shares and likes . This can be best used by hiding your download link on your blogger post with this , then visitor has to Likes your Facebook page , share , tweet or Google + your post to unlock the download link . The other day , when he comes over your blog post , the download link will comes available where he performed some action . 

How to make social locker widget works for you ?

( We are working with the Java script issues. Will get back soon with the script ) 

Sorry for the inconvenience caused . 

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