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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Jump Break and its use for blogging in blogger

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Jump Break and its use for blogging in blogger
When i initially  started blogging ,  i actually did not grasp what a jump break is and the way to use it in my blog post.

This area of unit is very small  that aren't noticed  by beginner blogger however it is extremely necessary. Even professional blogger do not take time to jot down concerning this. If you recognize this then its cool however if you do not then you want to learn and add this feature jump break to your blogger post.

Adding jump break is like giving little outline or introduction of your post on the homepage. therefore in today's tutorial i will explain all about Jump Break . Its extremely necessary that you simply add jump break in every and each post or article you publish on your Blog.

What Is Jump Break ?

Jump break may be a straightforward feature in blogger. once ever you add Jump break in your blogger post ,  the paragraph or text before the jump break is shown on home page of your blog or web site. Its like showing introduction of your tutorial or article on the homepage of your web site. therefore so as to look at the whole post users need to click on browse additional link / read more link.

This keep your home page clean and helps to come up with additional page views.

Importance Of Jump Break

  • Keeps the Homepage additional cleaner and provides user friendly look.
  • Helps to come up with additional page views
  • Allow you to suit additional post on the homepage of your web log.
  • Gives the users sneak peak of your weblog post.

How To Add Jump Break In web log Post ?

Before learning to feature jump break in your blogger  post , keep few things in mind. Add Jump break when writing article introduction paragraph on what your post is concerning and add relevant image to that as you'll see on homepage. Adding jump break is admittedly straightforward simply follow steps listed below.

1. Write your Blogger post and keep your indicator / cursor wherever you wish to feature jump break. Then click on Insert Jump Break as shown below.

Jump Break and its use for blogging in blogger

2. when adding the jump break a line can be seen (shown in below picture). The text and pictures higher than this line are displayed on your homepage.

Jump Break and its use for blogging in blogger

You are done with adding Jump break to your post :)
Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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