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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Image optimization for blogger posts - Basic SEO with Image Tags

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Image optimization for blogger posts - Basic SEO with Image Tags

SEO plays an important role for driving traffic for a blog or even website this can be specifically why most of the bloggers and webmasters forever attempt to improve SEO of the blogs.

I have explained the basic concepts about SEO for Blogger in my previous post. Now we are going to see how image tags related SEO improvement and how to do that .

Optimizing pictures of blog posts before uploading those to blogger blog might conjointly play a vital role in up your SEO of your various blog and most of the bloggers don't pay awareness towards optimizing photos. Bloggers whenever transfer pictures from web and frequently pictures downloaded from web named as untitled. png, have you ever any concept that your Google pictures search would be the wide used image google search users forever utilize it for getting quality photos, icons and photos. you will be ready to drive a large audience for your blog by merely optimizing photos and that we are here to serve you. during this post we'll describe you the simplest way to increase web site traffic by merely optimizing photos.

How To Optimize Images :

Give relevant name to the image:

First, you would like to appreciate that image that you're downloading required to run a specific name. By explicit name I mean the name that has some relation together with your post. for instance, if you're writing your 1st blog post to blogger the image you transfer to the present article should be named like blog 1st Post.png in order that it relates to the content.

Add title and elevation attribute:

Search engines will browse pictures they rely upon tags and title given to photographs. Therefore, to inform search robots regarding the image we should always add title and elevation attribute to image.

In blogger , once the image is added to post click on image and choose properties. A pop box can open where you have to  place image title within the title text box that ought to be relevant to your content and in elevation text box provides a tiny four to five word description of the image.

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