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Saturday 1 March 2014

Meta Tags and the way adding it to your blogger posts

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Meta Tags and the way adding it to your blogger posts
One of the way to boost your Blog and posts for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is adding meta tags to your blog .

These meta tags has to be placed inside the HTML code of your blogger template which contains the data about your page.

If you want your website or a blog to be displayed in the top list of any search engine . Meta Tags have to be inserted into your page HTML source code .

Any how there is still a big debate going on among SEO experts regarding Meta Tags  and its importance in SEO . Few says it as time waste and some others says Meta tags are very important for optimization .

What ever , let us stop this by here and go into the topic " Meta Tags ".

What is Meta Tag

Meta tag is a peace of  HTML code  which can be found in webpages giving the information about the particular page . These meta tags give information like Title , description about the page , author name , language , copyright details etc  of your web page to search engines.

Web designer or a blogger have to add this meta tags into their page HTML source so that Search engine can read the meta tags and understands what your website is , what for , who wrote and who owns it .

This is how all the search engines index a list of available website in the internet and displays the result on the screen when ever user insert a query .

Not only to the dependent of meta tags but also by considering various SEO factors  your page listing in Search engine result  may change . Any how , adding meta tags is basic level of optimization .

Adding Meta tags to blogger blogs 

Adding meta tags to a blogger is that simple . Go to the template option appearing left to you once after logging in to your blogger account and clicking on the particular blog you wish to.

Blogger >> Template >> Edit Template

Now press Ctrl + F button which enables search option .
Type this  <head> and press enter

Copy the below code  and Past it  after <head>
<!-- Meta Tags ~  -->
<title>My Blog Story</title>
<meta content='Complete story of successful Blogger. Learn Blogging , SEO , Adsense , Social Marketing .' name='description'/>
<meta content='Blogging , Blog tips , SEO Tips , Laern Blogging , Lear SEO , Learn Blogger, Make money , Blogger Templates, Blogger widgets, Adsense Tips, Google , Monitize websites, ' name='keywords'/>
    <meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
    <meta content='' name='copyright'/>
        <meta content='Sunny Chowdary' name='author'/>
          <meta content='noindex,noarchive' name='robots'/>
 <!-- /Meta Tags ~ -->

Now replace only the blue colored text with your respective blog information and press save template button . thats all and you are done with adding meta tags to your blogger blog .

Hope this could be helpful to you. Keep visiting :)
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