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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Who view facebook profile - Track your recent profile visitors

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Check your Facebook profile recent visitors - it is working 100%

Track and check who is viewing your Facebook Profile

Every one has the curiosity to know who are all visiting their profile . This can be found most common among teens and young aged boys & Girls . What may ever their intention is , but here I gonna show you all how to check your recent profile visitors in facebook with out using any kind of applications or a software . And all this can be done right away from your Google chrome browser .

This is that simple and working 100% .

Interesting ???? Yes it is ...

Lets get into the process.

We recommend you to use Google chrome browser  , any how most of the browsers work 100% fine with this .
First open www.facebook.com and log in to your account .
Once after logging in , go to your timeline and press Ctlr+U or click on mouse right button and go to view source option .
Now press Ctlr + F  , search for  "  InitialChatFriendsList "  and press enter.

You can find some Profile ID's beside of the " InitialChatFriendsList " as shown below

Check your Facebook profile recent visitors - it is working 100%

I have highlighted the Profile ID's with a black circle around . These are the profile ID's of the persons who visited my profile in recent times .

The very first ID is the one who visited last or you can say he/she is the one who visited recently .
Now take his / her profile ID number   " 10000XXXXXXX - 2 "
Copy only the number with out -2 .
It may apper like this now  " 10000XXXXXXX "
Open a new tab and type www.fb.com/" profile ID " and press enter  Ex: " www.fb.com/10000XXXXXXX "

Thats it , you can see the recently visited friends profile . Do the same for the rest so tha you can get all profiles who visited your profile in recent times .

How we Tested it 

I got a doubt looking over the name " InitialChatfriends " as it dose not mean recent visitors . So I have messaged one of my friend who is online , let me call her as "Vasu " in short for the blog story purpose . I asked vasu to visit my profile and photos . Before that I just noted  my friend shiva's  profile ID which appeared first in the list by that time .  I cross checked again after getting  message from vasu as Done . I could n't find any change in the profile ID's even after her visit to my profile . So I left this trick aside and logged out .

After some time later , I logged into my Facebook again and started working . While the moment I got remembered about it and gave a try again .

Now I had seen Vasu profile ID came to the first moving the Shiva's ID to second position .

This shows that , its working fine and is so clear that the most recent profile ID will appear first .

Whats else you are looking at friends , Just give it a try and check who are all visiting your profile among your friends .

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Comment your experience below . Did this trick worked fine for you ??

Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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