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Sunday 9 March 2014

How to Root Android phone and Tablet Android with single click - 2014

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Root Android Phones and Tablets from your mobile easily 

How to Root Android phone

To use your android features completely , mobile has to be rooted  . Root access is nothing but getting full user permissions .

There are many articles written and many applications developed to root android phones and tablets . Most of these applications were made in a way that has to be installed in a computer and by connecting your android device rooting can be done .

Although no guaranteed in making your android phone or tablet  for 100% as the output of these applications / software varies from mobile to mobile .  It depends with your android configuration and other factors . Any how , many people use to struggle a lot in rooting their android mobiles till years back , but luckily this process became more simple with many single click rooting applications presently available in the today's market.

Thankful to XDA developers who developed a new application which can be installed in any android device , which allows user to ROOT their mobile right away from mobile with out any other apps or system software . No need to connect your android device to any Computer and can ROOT by single click .

Yes , it is . Now you can download this application online and perform the action of single click right away from your phone and enjoy Rooted experience . This application working for many of the Android devices .

How to Root android devices using Framaroot 

Formal warning : Use this app at your own risk 

 Step 1 :  Download this application and install to your Android device

How to Root Android phone

( This is application developed by third party developers , so you have to change settings and accept unknown source installation )

Step 2 :  Open the application and  click on any exploit available over there .

step 3:  If Success , you are done and if not try doing the same with other exploits available .

If you got this message " Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot" . Then it seems your device is not supported with this application .

Such a simple task it is and enjoy the Android with Rooted access .

At any point , if you decide to unroot . Same can be done by using this application as well or you can get many apps online for unrooting too .

To download this application , Don't search in Google play store as this is third party application.

Click here to download the application.

Note :  Rooting process has to be done with more and extreme caution .  This article is just for informative purpose and we are not responsible to any kind of miss use of android or damage caused to devices. 

Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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