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Saturday 8 March 2014

Use whatsapp Android with different numbers - root phones

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Whatsapp with multiple mobile numbers 

How to use whatsapp with multiple mobile numbers

Hi friends , I am back with a new informative post . This post is what many of us looking for ...

We all know what WhatsApp application is and its usage. Now a day life , each and every one who ever having mobile phone will also have this application . Its great to know that whatsApp application is sending more than 2 billion messages per day.

Such a great and most used mobile application it is . But where as this application will allow only one account or one number within a device .

As I hold a mobile which supports duel SIM facility , I tried using whatsapp with my two mobile numbers .
Where as within the whatapp application , we find no option of having one more account . So tried for having one more whatsapp application in my decide and failed as it cant be possible .

Two methods of using whatsapp multi accounts

First Method :  

Finally one day I found a way doing it by using Multi user profiles .

User profiles is as same as user profiles in windows . Same way we have to create two user profiles in android platform .

As you all know creating user profiles in windows and switching from one user profile to another in windows . Same can be done in android too by using one application .

In-order to use this application , first make sure you have ROOT access for your android mobile.

( For More information on rooting your mobile , please Click Here )

After all having root access / super user access on your android mobile . Download and install this application   " SwitchMe multiple accounts  "

This application is also available in Google Play store : Click Here to download

After installing this application :

  • It will show present user profile as admin and asks you to create one more if you want.
  • Create one more user profile . 
  • Switch to the new user profile where your mobile will be rebooted and startup with new profile.
  • Now your mobile startsup with default apps and with out any app you installed previously .
  • Now install what ever apps you want in this profile along with whatsapp applicaion.
  • Give the other number while registering whatsapp now.

That's it , All is done . Now you have two whatsapp applications in single mobile .

when ever you want to use whatsapp with the second number , do switching the profiles.

I prefer this method as odd and irritating as it always want us to reboot the device . Sucks time for switching user profiles and even some times applications installed onto SD card will be crashed and cleared off from mobile.  So , make sure you use all applications in phone memory .

Second and Best method :

Many people were still not aware of this wonderful application which allows us to use whatsapp with different account with out switching user profiles 

This is a great application found few days back and felt really impressive in sharing with you all today.

In-order to use this application , first make sure you have ROOT access for your android mobile.

( For More information on rooting your mobile , please Click Here )

How to use whatsapp with multiple mobile numbers

Download & install  application " 2Lines for Whatsapp

"Click Here to download it from Play Store

After installing this application , you can find one  whatsapp account with the mobile number you registered with .
Click on add new line , Give out the other number while registering whatsapp this time . Now you can have two whatsapp accounts , within single application .
When ever you what to use whatsapp with other number , open this  " 2lines for whatsapp " application and click on the other number . Automatically whatsapp will open with other number .

Chat history will be maintained separate for two of accounts .

Use it and enjoy having multiple numbers with one whatsapp application.

Hope it will be useful for many ...

Thankq one and all for visiting our blog . Keep visiting :)

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