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Tuesday 8 September 2015

How to Hack any Facebook Accounts Using Android Phone

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Hack Facebook Accounts with in same network

Its possible Hacking any Facebook Accounts Using Android Phone

You may have several reasons for hacking someone's Facebook account and it's not so straightforward as we speak. One ought to recognize the actual fact that there aren't any direct softwares or tools that can hack Facebook account just by getting into the victim's user id.

However it's attainable with some strategies those extremely work, out of those phishing, key logging, packet sniffing are most well known and wide used procedures in hacking Facebook accounts . Today, in this tutorial you're going to find out how to perform packet sniffing attack to hack Facebook account using your android mobile.

Before , just learn about  Packet Sniffing 

How to Hacking any Facebook Accounts Using Android Phone

Lets make this simple with an example. consider 2 persons A and B using the same public WiFi network. the data sent and received between the device and WiFi hot-spot is finished in the form of packets. These packets aren't secured and might be access by the other device connected to same network. If Person A is using Facebook, his log-in credentials are sent within the form of packets that Person B will access and browse them. In fact, Person B will modify them. Not solely log-in credentials, everything you use among your browser will be seen and changed by anyone else as long as you're connected thereto network.

What are needed for this 

one android phone , that needed to be rooted ( How to root android mobile ) and any of the below mentioned applications installed onto your smartphone.

Dsploit :

According to me, Dsploit is the best, in terms of penetration testing attacks. Dsploit has a number of pen testing attacks like Router PWN, Port Scanner, Inspector, Vulnerability Finder, MITM attacks and many more. We are going to use MITM attacks for our purpose. MITM stands for Man In The Middle attacks which include Password Sniffer, Session Hijacker, Script Injector out of which we are going to use Password Sniffer to get account passwords over WiFi. If you are curious about this app, explore it and you will find lots of tools in it.

Download this application here

( will post the complete procedure using this application in my next article , you may try and come back with your opinion and suggestions here in comment session )

There are few more application that works same way above like :  Faceniff  , DroidSheep etc
You may get them from google or any other search engines .

Disclaimer: Hacking Facebook is an illegal activity, use this tutorial for educational purpose only and we claim no responsibility.

Bottom Lines: Hacking Facebook account using Android phone is a bit easier process when compared to PC and hacking over WiFi is the only process to do it. If you know more apps of this kind, feel free to comment below. Happy Hacking!

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